The Kingdom of God is Here: Short-Term Service Team and ENLACE's Long-Term Vision

That day, whether we knew it or not, all of us together, by loving each other through service, we were creating a space in which incredible things were being born.

As a short-term service team facilitator, I get the wonderful privilege of seeing the moment in which everyone–church leader, community leader, government officials, non-government organizations, international team members, community residents and even our staff– come together. It is at this moment that the words, “the Kingdom of God is here,” never felt so real. It is the breaking down of barriers that creates the possibility for us to come together as one, for us to truly love each other and build community. 

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#BracketBusted? March Madness and the Magic of Play

March Madness Basketball is upon us! Is your #Bracket already #Busted?

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Dónde Está Don Day?

This is a guest blog post by Don Day from Broadway Christian Church in Columbia, MO

My first trip to El Salvador was in May 2011 on an exploratory trip to see the work of ENLACE.  I really didn’t want to go, but God, in the form of a fellow parishoner said “you need to go because you are the chair of the mission committee.”

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Thinking about a Short Term Serving Trip Next Year?

As you think about 2017, what are you looking forward to?

Is this the year to step out and sign up for a short term serving trip?

If joining a team to serve in a different country or context is something you are thinking about, here are a few things to consider:

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3 Ways to Live Life as an Act of Worship

Worship is more than song. It's more than verbal expressions. Worship is a way of life that both acknowledges and honors God's presence. Living a life that centers on worship, while taking us in any number of directions, will require both sacrifice and celebration. When I think about living my life as an act of worship, I identify three steps.

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I Used to Think... by Rhonda Grigg

At this point, I've made many trips to El Salvador and the village of Abelines to help with a medical brigade. In working with Enlace, I've learned a few things over these years. My way of thinking has changed so much over this time and they are great reflections of the change you can experience when you become a part of what God is doing. 

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