Not the Only Crazy One!: Church Coach Jhony Pérez's Life of Servant Leadership

Jhony Pérez Rosales is one of the youngest church coaches at ENLACE but his years of service in the church and devotion to his family have afforded him wisdom beyond his age.

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Key Objectives: Enlace Nepal

The UN estimates that between 12,000 and 15,000 girls from Nepal are trafficked every year. Sadly, this number has risen sharply over the last two years. The situation worsened after the April 2015 earthquakes, when traffickers took advantage of the chaos and the vulnerability of homeless girls and women by luring them from shelters with false-promises and misinformation.

At the root of sex trafficking are two main factors: financial need and the lack of assigning value to girls, both of which are addressed in ENLACE’s strategy for ministry in Nepal.

ENLACE helps churches to establish and strengthen social infrastructure that leads to compassionate and just relationships within a community. ENLACE’s programs address economic issues and also empower women leaders to reach out and make life-changing connections with their neighbors. Additionally, the local staff are well-prepared leaders. Tina Pun Magar, the Church and Community Program Coordinator, has a BA and Masters’ Degree in Theology and grew up helping her mother run one of the first foster homes in India for trafficked girls and women.

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