A Special Bond: The Crossing Church in Las Delicias

The Crossing Church (Costa Mesa, CA) has a very special relationship with Pastor Miguel Durán, El Buen Samaritano Church and the people of Las Delicias. For the past seven years, teams have come to support the ongoing work in this community. The team has watched the church’s influence grow as it has taken on a number of projects and have witnessed Pastor Miguel become both president of the Water Board and superintendent of his denomination. Last year, Pastor Miguel and his congregation partnered with Compassion International to open a development center which now helps 150 children. This year the team helped repair a road, provided dental care, and hosted a variety of ministry events including hosting a group for mothers. Before final celebration, the team challenged students from the private school in a soccer game which has become an annual tradition. After working with Pastor Miguel for so many years, the team feels like they are visiting family when they come to El Salvador, and Las Delicias excitedly welcomes them.

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