Belonging Together: Teodolinda Santos

Posted on June 19, 2012 by David McGee

All her life, Teodolinda Santos (42) has wanted to love, serve and enjoy her life with her family. At one point, she had eight children, a husband, and brothers and sisters. The dream collapsed after her husband left her and one child died. She was forced to live off the begrudging charity of a brother, who allowed her to live in a small shack on his land. Her sadness was compounded when one of her daughters left home and chose not to return.

When the church wanted to build her a new home, the issue of land ownership became an impediment. Teodolinda thought this great opportunity would crumble like the walls of the mud hut she lived in. However, ENLACE Church Coach, Julio Figueroa, invited her to pray with him for a miracle saying, “God will soften his heart.” Teolinda prayed every day at dawn, breaking the morning’s silence with her petition.

Not long after, Teodolinda’s brother sent her everything she needed; signatures, papers, etc., and the church was able to build her her own house on her own land. She said, "This is a great blessing from God, a great joy because I will have my own house, and I will not be...roaming the land. I will have a home with the children I have left."