Celebrating with Ali Hunt: A Journey from the Mountains of Abelines to a Medical Doctor

Posted on July 05, 2012 by David McGee

Ali's (left) warm heart and solidarity were an inspiration to many people like Gloria (right) from AbelinesIn 2004 ENLACE was delighted to welcome Ali Yarosevich, now Ali Hunt, as a volunteer. Due to her incredible willingness, simplicity and humility, we had the opportunity to walk with her as God transformed her heart and life. We are now blessed to celebrate how God has honored and moved her life forward to other transformational places.

In the mountainous region of Abelines, Ali worked hard and opened her heart to help the community, participating in their health committees, medical teams and community health training. In the midst of all this God spoke into her life.

“I have experienced firsthand the transformation that affects the giver-receiver. I have seen women who never spoke before in public become powerful community leaders. I have watched myself become transformed from a cowering mess of self-pity into an intrepid medical student. This is the kind of change that comes out of ENLACE’s focus on relationships and collaboration with communities, seeing them as people who have much to give. This is the kind of lasting internal, spiritual change that allows individuals and communities to be transformed for generations rather than just-as-long-as-the pipes on-the-new-water-project-don’t-break [kind of unity]. This is the kind of spiritual change that is passed on to friends, children, and ultimately survives earthquakes, war, the ravages of time, and death.” -Ali Hunt

We give glory to God and celebrate with her parents, Joseph and Katya Yarosevich, her husband, Ben, and her family and friends, as the "intrepid medical student" graduated as a doctor from the University of Washington School of Medicine this spring. She will soon begin her residency at the Sutter Health in Sacramento, California. We at ENLACE know that Ali gave us an example of how to live a God-inspired, stunning life. No doubt we will continue to see more blessings come to pass due to her commitment and love. Congratulations Ali, with love!

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