Church Partnership Through the Eyes of an Iowan Church

Posted on July 12, 2012 by David McGee

The Gateway Church is a vibrant young church in downtown Des Moines Iowa that is dedicated to "join God in the renewal of all things." As part of living out this mission in Des Moines the church committed to join in the renewal of the San Martin region of El Salvador through a church partnership with ENLACE. 

During their first visit this year, the church made a special bond with Pastor Marta and the community of Anemona. A few of their team members committed to creating a short documentary of their experience and the church hosted a large showing of the film in June. 


The film has helped to peak the interest of their congregation not only to go on future trips to El Salvador, but to serve in their own community.  For instance, inspired by the home gardens in Anemona, Outreach Director Jeremy Harder began a community garden in his backyard in order to benefit the struggling community that he and his family have chosen to be a part of. 


Sit back, relax and take a look at what renewal looks like through the eyes of one congregation in the midwest.



Cercanía (Closeness) from The Gateway Church on Vimeo.