Dreaming of Home: Maria Francisca Santos

Posted on June 25, 2012 by David McGee

Until recently, Maria Francisca Santos (63), lived in a tiny mud dwelling with her two daughters and their children. One of her daughters, Ana Julia (40), is extremely sick and cannot walk. After having to undergo hernia surgery, Maria was unable to continue running a soap business that brought her $25 per month, let alone address the problems associated with a dilapidated home. As a result, Maria began to cultivate corn and beans just to provide basic sustenance for herself and her family.

It was in this situation that Maria had a dream that she would soon live in a new home. Three days later she received the news from the local church that indeed she was on their list to receive a newly built house. According to Maria, whose countenance now exudes a light that she attributes to gratitude, leaving behind the old, crumbling home to live in a new, safe one is “a wonderful blessing from God.”