“I feel like I came to the place I am meant to be." Fabiola Ramírez

When Fabiola Ramírez was just a girl, God planted a seed in heart to be a missionary. But she had no idea how God was going to bring this about. As a young adult, she began to study international relations, thinking she could have a career and serve God abroad. Upon graduating from her studies, Fabiola began to look for a job, expecting God to take her on a grand global adventure. However, as the job hunt continued with no doors opening to her, she began to doubt God’s calling in her life.

Fabiola felt extreme doubt and wondered if perhaps this desire to serve God in this way had really been her own idea after all. But because of the financial needs of her family, she knew she didn’t have the luxury of waiting for her ideal employment. The pressure grew and Fabiola was compelled to consider going to the United States to look for a job. She was already fluent in English and even though she did not want to make this kind of move, it seemed the only promising option. It was then that a job opportunity came open at an English-speaking call center. While it was not her dream job, she accepted a position there. At the same time, she also found that her heart was re-awakened to the hope of doing missions someday and enrolled in a theology program with a concentration in missions.

Fabiola worked hard at the call center but at first could not fathom why God would want her there. Eventually, however, she began to see that due to this experience, God was shaping her life in ways she never expected.

After three years of moving up in the ranks while also continuing her missions studies, she heard about ENLACE seeking to hire church coaches. The desire in her heart led her to apply. And just like with the call center job, God began to teach her and mold her way of thinking in a new way.

"My way of seeing missions was to go and help people,” said Fabiola when asked about working as a Church Coach. “However, these were vague ideas. Coming here [to ENLACE] and learning the methodology and working with churches is what the Lord had been talking to me about. [Before] I did not see it clearly but it had always been in my heart. I feel like I came to the place I am meant to be."