Participating in the Redemptive Work of Christ: Profile of Evelin de Galán.


Evelin Marroquin de Galán grew up in a very conservative but non-Christian home. Her parents allowed her to attend Sunday school. As an adult, Evelin and her husband, Reyes Antonio Galán, would listen to Christian sermons on the radio but neither attended church. One day, however, a cousin asked Evelin to accompany her to church. Evelin decided to go and upon entering the church, all the memories from Sunday school, the words from the radio and the hopes of her yearning heart converged. On that day, she felt compelled to follow Christ, especially as a leader in her local church.

Eventually, Evelin’s desire to serve in the church brought her to consider pursuing a degree in Theology. But at the time, Evelin was a devoted mother of two boys, Luis and Caleb (who are now both teenagers) and was hoping to have a third child. But another pregnancy, said her doctors, would be dangerous due to ongoing health issues. This news was very difficult for Evelin to bear. She felt her hopes and dreams were being taken from her.

Reyes saw his wife’s sadness and encouraged Evelin to go back to school by registering her at the Assemblies of God University, taking a leap of faith. Even though she worried about their family’s finances and was daunted by the time a degree would imply as a very busy mother, Evelin plunged in with gusto.

After graduating, Evelin joined the ENLACE team. "I never imagined,” said Evelin soon after she began her work as a Church Coach, “that my third child would be my university studies. It is a blessing to have a degree in Theology, do ministry and participate in the redemptive work of Christ as a part of ENLACE.”

Evelin believes strongly that God’s hand has been on her life ever since she was a young child attending Sunday school. The expenses of school that Evelin was worried about were partially covered by members of her extended family. This support has ministered to her and her family incredibly. Just another way, says Evelin, that God has confirmed his purpose for her life.