The Unlikely Momentum of the Poor, Local Church: ENLACE Featured in La Prensa Grafica

In a January issue of El Salvador's La Prensa Grafica, a daily newspapers with the second-largest circulation of 98,000 during the week and 116,000 on the weekend, ENLACE was featured in it's religion section. The article interviewed Ron Bueno, ENLACE's Executive Director, and highlighted the work that ENLACE has been doing since its beginning in 1993.

According to Ron, the religion section is normally reserved for moral opinions and religious ideology, so he was very excited to see that the church was championed and shown to be actively addressing and resolving needs of those in poverty. “The impact that our local church partners are having on the ground, in the daily lives of thousands of people across El Salvador, is utterly profound," said Ron, "and it makes sense that a national newspaper would take notice."


The article also highlighted why ENLACE believes the church is the answer to so many of the problems in El Salvador and encouraged other churches to get involved in meeting the needs of their communities.


We hope that the article will encourage more churches to serve their communities and continue to fuel the MOMENTUM that is building in the humble villages and churches all over El Salvador.