Kids These Days: Columbia, MO Youth Run for Toilets February 25

Columbia, MO Youth Run | Toilet Trot

February is the time of year when mornings all over the U.S. are typically dark and cold. Families start their routines before the sunrise and groggy school children are convinced that the school year will NEVER end.

Many High School students who have stayed up too late, now rely on someone to wake them and convince them that getting an education is a privilege. They finally roll out of bed, use the bathroom, turn on a hot shower and then brush their teeth with water from the tap. Never once stopping to think, “Wow! Have I got it good!”

Kids these days!

Except, many kids these days have done just that. They have stopped to think about “How good they’ve got it” and want to help people who don’t.

Sometimes it’s easy for all of us to take things for granted. But the reality is, if your mornings include water and sanitation you are among the richest in the world. It is estimated by the World Health Organization that 2.4 billion people in the world don’t have somewhere safe to go to the bathroom and in 46 countries at least half don’t have any access to proper sanitation. This is true for 40% of the population in El Salvador.

This February 25, a group of High School students from Columbia, Missouri are planning to make a huge difference in the lives of families without toilets in El Salvador. They have organized a Toilet Trot 5K Run/Walk to raise project funds for their Spring Break serving trip to El Salvador!

Toilet Trot | Do Your Duty for a Good CauseApparently they see it as their doodie...ahem...I mean their duty to serve and love their neighbors.

Kids these days! (Wink wink)

Donate to their awesome cause and tell our next generation that we are PROUD to support their DUTY!

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