Secrets of the ENLACE Logo: An Origin Story

Secrets of the ENLACE Logo

Back in early 1993, as the idea of ENLACE was just taking shape, we knew we wanted a logo that reflected our values.

We wanted a symbol that was based in the indigenous roots of El Salvador and in our desire to participate in a global work that was life-giving and collaborative in its efforts to alleviate poverty.

Before the arrival of the Spanish in the early 1500s, the area of present-day El Salvador was inhabited by various groups of Maya and the Pipil-Maya (or Nahua), a population with roots in the Aztec culture. We looked for inspiration from Maya hieroglyphs, one of the earliest systems of writing in history. Ron Bueno’s father, John Bueno, came up with the name, “ENLACE,” which means "link" in Spanish and is an acronym that roughly means "Latin American Organization for Strategic Cooperation."

From there we took inspiration from Mayan glyphs that mean “Freedom,” "Emancipation" and “Universe,” adapting them to weave together like a link in a chain.

Mayan Symbols

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