The Newest Team Member

One of the highlights for ENLACE in 2016 was welcoming our newest member to the ENLACE team, Christine Nolf! I have known and worked with Christine for many years. She has many years of experience working with church and community leaders to develop solutions to poverty in low-income neighborhoods in the US and in Venezuela. She is a compassionate and committed advocate for the under-resourced. She is a capable and effective leader.  We truly feel honored to have her on the team to further develop relationships with North American churches and organizations.

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Christine has worked for the last 15 years to mobilize resources and develop strategies to alleviate poverty in Venezuela and Costa Mesa CA. She served as a missionary in Venezuela for threes years working with Latin American Child Care (LACC). LACC is a child sponsorship program that raises scholarships for children in under-resourced communities to attend Christian schools.  She worked in Venezuela to help local church leaders develop effective education programs. She also worked to develop a sponsorship program that would raise funds from donors and maintain them connected to their sponsored student.

Christine then moved back to her hometown of Costa Mesa CA where she chose to work and then live in a Latino, immigrant neighborhood. She was the Co-Founder Mika Community Development Corporation in her hometown, Costa Mesa where she served as the Executive Director for 10 years. Mika works with neighbors in low-income neighborhoods to equip them as leaders who transform their city through neighborhood projects and strategic connections. During her time with Mika, she was instrumental in mobilizing local churches and community organizations in Costa Mesa to address important issues such as homelessness, education and immigration reform.

IMG_7787.jpgChristine has also served in regional and national organizations and networks. She was a founding member of Trelis, a network of Christian Organizations and Churches working to coordinate and maximize development strategies in Costa Mesa. She has also been an active part of the leadership of the Christian Community Development Association (CCDA) for many years.

Christine has a BA in Communications Studies and recently finished up a Masters of Theological Studies at Vanguard University. She is married to a social entrepreneur and incredibly committed community advocate Michael Moses Nolf. And they just had their first child in August!

Christine will be working with David McGee and I to identify and develop new relationships with North American Churches and Organizations interested in partnering with ENLACE. She will work with partners to develop or expand their mission’s strategies, design fundraising campaigns, and facilitate short-term serving teams. She will also be a part of the leadership team that will focus upon growing ENLACE in North America and worldwide. 

"We are incredibly honored to have Christine join the ENLACE family. Christine's experience and passion for equipping local churches is unparalleled and I can't imagine a better fit for ENLACE's unique approach and organizational culture. We've always believed that God brings in the right people and resources at the right time. It is obvious that Christine's arrival at ENLACE is no exception."
- David McGee

We are truly privileged to have a capable, committed and passionate leader like Christine on our ENLACE team!