The Numbers Are In: FIVE Reasons to Smile Today!

The Numbers Are In: Five Reasons to Smile Today

In 2017, your generous contributions helped us to continue to equip churches to transform lives in El Salvador, Nepal and Guatemala. 

In El Salvador, our 81 local church partners worked with their communities to implement 34 projects. We trained 714 church and community leaders serving 237 different communities. The projects implemented over the past four years are impacting over 145,000 people on an ongoing basis!

In Nepal, our third year of formal operations was a huge success. Our growing local staff trained 225 church leaders from 15 local church partners. They worked with their communities to implement 5 projects, which directly impacted 25,500 people in 30 communities.

In Guatemala, we continued to provide workshops and training for 208 extremely motivated leaders in 13 churches. We anticipate seeing these churches and communities produce some amazing results in 2018.

Your contributions are empowering local churches and communities to actively address their own community's challenges now and into the future.

In 2018, we plan to accompany 151 local churches in El Salvador, Nepal and Guatemala. These partners have already identified and/or are working with 117 projects which will directly impact the lives of more than 101,525 people on an ongoing basis.

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