WORD!: Seven Quotes that Inspire Compassionate Action for Every Day of the Week

quote 1- Sunday.jpg

Sunday: See Needs as Opportunities to Serve

“We’ve learned that needs in our community are opportunities given to the church to serve, and our focus should remain there until everyone’s needs are met.”   - Pastor Juan Ramírez, Casa del Alfarero Church, Chantusnene


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Monday: Serve the Way Jesus Did

“Our vision has opened and our capacity has increased thereby empowering us to carry the gospel in its fullest form... Jesus ministered in the same, holistic way.” - German Melgar, Fe y Amor Church, Mandinga


quote 3-Tuesday.jpg

Tuesday: Dreaming Leads to Action Leads to Celebration

“We never thought it possible but when the dream of building classrooms for our community came true, we excitedly discovered that we could impact our community in a great way even though we are a very small congregation. Now we are already celebrating all the projects we will accomplish in the years to come!” - Wilber Diaz, Cristo Viene Misión Evangélica Aposento Alto Church, San Gerardo

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Wednesday: Working Together Creates Long-term Success

“Thanks to the church and ENLACE, we now have a vision for our town that brings all of us great joy and satisfaction. Working in unity and collaboration is the only way to resolve the many problems that we all face.” - Eris Neftali Romero, Mayor of Ciudad Barrios

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Thursday: Ask "What More Can We Do?"

"After we did the work that God put in our hearts, we asked the question: what else can we do? That is when God brought ENLACE to us and we were able to take the next critical steps to help our community.” - Pastor Marvin Rivas, Mahanaim Church, Caluco

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Friday: Don’t Build Walls if You Want to Show God’s Love

“The main objective isn’t to create walls but to draw near to people, show them God’s love and transform their lives.”                         - Pastor Marco Antonio Melara, Jerusalen Church, San José El Naranjo

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Saturday: Serving Others Creates Astounding Results and Self Discovery

"Our church is a testimony. The learning process with ENLACE helped us to discover ourselves as a church. And as the members took the initiative to serve the community even I was astonished at what we have been able to do.” - Pastor Jennifer Lucero de Bautista, Jehová Jireh Church, Las Cruces