El peregrinaje / The Pilgrimage Blog Series: An Introduction

For centuries, people have set out on journeys with the intention to arrive at a sacred place. A pilgrimage is often undertaken on foot but can also be a metaphor for an inward journey of mind and heart. 

In either case, pilgrims expect to encounter something miraculous when they reach their destinations.

The surprise that awaits many such travelers is that the journey was the miracle and the moment of arrival is, in fact, the discovery that God has been at work all along. Enlace’s Peregrinaje blog series features a word or term in Spanish and English and explores its meaning applied to our lives. The posts also include brilliant photos of daily life taken during a month-long pilgrimage across El Salvador in September 2021 by Jordan Shive and Micaela Bueno.


From the soothing sound of pattering rain to the knitting together of communities woven together in peace and God’s love, we hope you can join us in considering everyday things with a mind of worship. We hope that our words will allow you to marvel at the beauty of life while also reflecting on your own journey. 

Contemplate making your own pilgrimage this year. What might you hope to discover? How do you want to be changed? Invite God's presence and guidance into each day this January and expect incredible things to come.

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All meditations were written by Michelle Negron Bueno and Micaela Bueno and compiled in the 2022 Enlace calendar which can be ordered here, at enlacemarketplace.com 

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