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3 Things You Can Learn About Sustainability from a Fishing Village in El Salvador

If you were to travel to the southwest region in El Salvador, you would find a small fishing village called Metalio. This beautiful fishing village gets hit with an immense amount of rain each year that causes long-term problems for its residents. In a community where 40 percent of its population lives in extreme poverty (making less than $2 per capita per day), these severe weather patterns impact the daily lives of people.

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The Power of Collaboration: 4 Ways A Unified Response Increases Impact

As many of you know, a core aspect of how ENLACE operates is by building local and international partnerships in order to transform communities. From the beginning, we have seen that community transformation can only happen when people collaborate together to identify the physical and spiritual needs of a community.


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How the Death of a Dream Becomes a Call to Action

For many of us during this pandemic, there have been many dreams that have not gone the way we planned or hoped for. Dreams have been put on hold, re-oriented, or lost altogether. Not only can it be daunting to have to navigate a new world and reality that does not have a firm structure, but it can also be deeply sad to have lost something you were counting on or excited for. 

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How Enlace Formed My Career in Missions: Interview with Christine Nolf Video Blog

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Godly Stewardship as a Global Citizen

When we hear the word stewardship we often think of money and perhaps even time. But have you ever thought of the word stewardship also in terms of your talents, gifts and passions? This question is especially important when we think about all the great need in the world and the great tug at our hearts to be of service to those experiencing pain and suffering. We want to help...so we go, we do, we act. We feel the urgency and so want to move. However, it is useful to bear in mind Christ's admonition, "Be wise as serpents and harmless as doves."

I believe this never rang so true as when talking about how to help those in need in the Majority World. And if you’ve had these same concerns and yet yearn to serve internationally, the following three steps might be helpful as you navigate your journey.

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3 Ways to Live Life as an Act of Worship

Worship is more than song. It's more than verbal expressions. Worship is a way of life that both acknowledges and honors God's presence. Living a life that centers on worship, while taking us in any number of directions, will require both sacrifice and celebration. When I think about living my life as an act of worship, I identify three steps.

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Eight Amazing Facts About El Salvador

El Salvador is adjacent to Honduras, Guatemala and the Pacific Ocean. El Salvador is a country full of hardship as well as opportunity. Battered by wars, earthquakes, and ongoing violence, the people of El Salvador struggle to break the cycle of poverty. There may be many things you don’t know about the little country in Central America.

1) El Salvador is known as the “Land of the Volcanoes” because there are twenty volcanoes in the country. Two out of the twenty volcanoes are currently active.

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